cora Otero


“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.”

                                                                                                                       Walt Disney                    


Since I was young I would stay up late with a little lamp illuminating a piece of paper where I was writing a silly story of a teenage stuck in a little small world. I think since then I have always enjoyed writing, creating little realities. I may have suspect cinema was the best tool to bring these worlds to life. So after high school I decided to attend Film School and see if I was right.
I think I was quite right, I loved the whole process. I loved the environment you can get from working with passionate people who cooperate together to achieve something great. 
Right now
,I would say that getting as much experience as I can and learning from as many people as I can is my greatest ambition. I’ve graduated and I think I learnt a lot from the whole experience but I know there’s so much to it. I’m very passionate about every single thing Ido, because I just love being part of it.

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This film felt like fresh air under warm sunshine. It is bloody brilliant and the music from The Proclaimers makes it even better, Edinburgh is breathtaking and the cast is great!


L’AVVENTURA (Antonioni,1960)—It’s such a simple story told in such a unique way. Every single shot is just beautifully elaborated and every single move from the actors feels like a perfect choreography.


PARIS is my absolute favourite city, and every time I watch a film set in Paris, I just fall in love all over again. So I decided to put my list of beautiful films that have Paris as inspiration.